Carol Nesbitt's Art Gallery

Carol Lynn Nesbitt - Iyer is a self-taught artist. She was born in Dayton, Ohio. She currently lives in the Altanta area with her 4 dogs, 2 children and husband. Her favorite subjects to paint are dogs and horses. Her artwork has sold all over the world!


Information About Carol Nesbitt

Carol Lynn Nesbitt - Iyer is a self-taught artist. She was born in Dayton, Ohio. She grew up loving art, but her family discouraged her early from pursuing an art education. She obtained a BA in Journalism in 1989 from The Ohio State University.

In 1991, she moved to the metro Atlanta area and started a family and a career in marketing.

In the last five years, Carol's life has changed dramatically. She and her husband of 10 years divorced, and she started a new life. Spirituality and art became a big part of her life as she began to search for the "bigger picture."

In 2002, she began to pay attention to her dreams and noticed that she was receiving messages and guidance in her dreams. The first major message was to rescue a greyhound. She began to see the dogs' eyes in her dreams. She adopted Champy.

Around that same time, the urge to paint became too hard to deny. She even received images of what to paint in her dreams and was "painting" in her dream world. So, on her b-day in 2003, she bought art supplies and painted her first painting "Champy."

Since that first painting, she became addicted to the creamy paints and quiet meditation that painting provides. She began to sell her paintings on eBay and then later began offering commissioned pet portraits. Today she continues to paint in her home studio and has collectors all over the globe.

She is a member of the AKC Museum of the Dog and a member of the Georgia Artist Registry. She donates paintings and portraits to local dog rescue organizations and local schools for fund raisers.