Gordon Davis's Art Gallery

Painting Concept I paint for leisure and enjoyment. I use lots of color and my theme is always – happiness and joy. Most of my work is pleine aire landscapes and flowers. I verge on the side of expressionism pushing a little away from reality My theme is always “ Happiness Reigns” .


Information About Gordon Davis

Curriculum Vitae

Gordon Davis is a retired engineer has attended many courses at The Alberta College of Art, The University of Calgary, The University of California ,The Red Deer College of Art ,the University of Mexico and one course at Le Centre de Arts in France and one at the University of Wisconsin, as well as many private courses. He was a member of The Calgary Community Painters, the Calgary Sketch Club and has recently become a member of The West Vancouver Sketch Club. He has exhibited in many shows over the last 15 years both through clubs and galleries. He has recently been chosen to exhibit in The Silk Purse Gallery in West Vancouver and has recently exhibited at “Studio2” in North Vancouver and “The Newport Gallery” in Squamish. He also shows at The Bilton and The Sophia Serret Galleries in North Vancouver.