Konstantyn Sylin's Art Gallery

KONSTANTYN SYLIN Is one of the most bright and famous watercolor artists in Russia and Ukrain,now Florida resident,works in impressionist European style. Konstantyn �s watercolors are now displayed in Museums in Russia and Ukraine, and owned by numerous art collectors in Europe,Japan and the USA.


Information About Konstantyn Sylin


1938 � Born in Moscow, Russia
1956 � Graduated from the Moscow Architectural & Art College
1974 � Member of the Artists� Union of the USSR

Konstantyn Silin is one of the brightest watercolorists in Ukraine and Russia. Starting from the 60-ies he voyaged all over the former USSR visiting the remote Russian North and South, Western Ukraine and Middle Asia. Later in the 90�s he visited European countries and the USA. And all his journeys were followed by exhibitions of wonderful landscapes, figurative compositions and portraits.
Konstantyn Silin�s watercolors were showed in more than 70 group exhibitions in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Japan, and the USA. Konstantyn had also 15 personal exhibitions in Ukraine Germany, Finland and two very successful exhibitions in the USA in 2002- �Holy Russia�at the Loveland Museum,CO and �Sylin Watercolor Wonders� � at the Canyon Gallery, Denver,CO.
Sylin�s watercolors are now displayed in several Museums in Russia and Ukraine, while lots of his pictures were appropriated by the art-collectors in Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Belgium and the USA.
An album of his �German Architectural Landscapes� was published in Gerlitz, Germany in 1996.
Since September 2004 Konstantyn Sylin is living and working in Pensacola, Fl. On arrival to Pensacola he received the �Cinco Banderas� purchase award.Later Konstantyn joined the artistic Florida community,taking part in numerous art shows,with rewards.
Sylin�s watercolors were constantly purchased by the Ministry of Culture and Museums, such as the Moscow Exhibitions Directory, Odessa State Art Gallery, Kishiniov (Moldova) Museum, Gerlitz (Germany) city Many watercolors were purchased by art-collectors from Belgium, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, USA, Russia and Ukraine.