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 Amy R  Schenker

Amy R Schenker

I use bright colors and vigorous mark- making in order to create these vivid inspired by natural things like flowers, leaves and especially underwater sea life, these growing forms take shape on my paper. I am attracted to colorful and bizarre things in nature and interpret them through color.

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Ezra  Rainer - Gardiner

Ezra Rainer - Gardiner

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JayV  :

JayV :

My art is created on the Oregon Coast, where I live, paint, kayak, and grow oysters. Some of my paintings are influenced by the local landscape, others are images inspired by the paint colors themselves. I love the look of oil paint on canvas, often in thick layers, so my paintings reflect this.

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Roshni Sethuraman  A

Roshni Sethuraman A

I am Roshni.I live in Melbourne which i love.My Indian heritage has given my paintings vibrance, energy and bold colours.I like to play with textures in my paintings.My paintings have no rules. They are free and invoke curiosity. All my paintings are original and an output of my imagination.

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Hiromi  A

Hiromi A

I currently reside in my native Northern California. Perhaps due to early exposure to Japanese aesthetics, I generally tend toward simplisticly elegant soothing abstracts. I try to follow my own rules, in art and the rest of my life: maintain my integrity and sense of self and follow my passions.

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Hilary   A Winfield

Hilary A Winfield

Thank you for your interest in my art! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have. My complete portfolio is available on my website: www.hilarywinfield.com. All artwork is original, gallery-quality and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Sharon A Aal-Cummings

Sharon A Aal-Cummings

EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS HERE: Blog: http://sharoncummings.wordpress.com/

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James  AAVelnosky

James AAVelnosky

most pieces are taken from everyday scenes here, in colorado; a musician for 30 years, i decided to venture in my real passion, painting...for 13 years i have been working on improving, creating, and infusing this passion in simple form. thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

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khaled  abdelbassat

khaled abdelbassat

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Jose M Abraham

Jose M Abraham

Currennty reside in miami, fla. Participated in multiple exhibitions internationally, display vibrant colors.

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Jennifer  Adams

Jennifer Adams

The purpose of the artist’s work is to truthfully capture the splendor of light in a manner that evokes an emotional response from the viewer. The approach is based on a careful study of the principles of natural light combined with techniques developed from classical art training.

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Henny H.A.C.M. Adank

Henny H.A.C.M. Adank

Driven by the material, coloured pencil and searching for objects by which light raid, shadow, fold and colour are playing a part, I"m almost every day busy drawing. Daily subjects are playing an important role. An almost photographical approach is nearly always a must for me.

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