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Francine  Bradette

Francine Bradette

Fradetfineart.com provides original art for sale to collectors, as well as providing an opportunity to view and purchase fine art for your home or business. Whether it�s for the office, or art for the home, our online art gallery includes modern art, landscape art, and more.

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German   Bradley

German Bradley

I'm a self-taught artist and I'm constantly seeking to improve my craft. I paint directly from the landscapes I see in my dreams or the images stored somewhere in my mind. I tend to paint or draw in stages, and it usually takes me a couple of weeks to finish each work.

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william henry brandt

william henry brandt

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Erica L Brazel

Erica L Brazel

I create unique art that comes from my soul. I use oil painting to express the different aspects of human emotions and experiences of life. The paintings should provoke feeling and introduce new ideas through color and texture.

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Lynn  Bremner

Lynn Bremner

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Richie  T Britt

Richie T Britt

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Troy  Broussard

Troy Broussard

I could draw from the time I could hold a pencil. Now my medium of choice is oil. My talents are God-given and my techniques are self-taught.

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Josh M Brown

Josh M Brown

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Artem  Bryl

Artem Bryl

I know that people will soon be back to real beauty: tenderness and genuineness of nature, because purity of soul is inseparable from natures purity. My works are just a medium for this conversion...

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Inga  Burina

Inga Burina

Inga Burina a young artist and the founder of pictures which it is possible to read and listen. The main feature of metaphorical style of Inga’s creativity is a courageous combination of three major directions in art: Painting, Music, and a Poetry.

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Joshua  Burke

Joshua Burke

Look closely or you'll miss it.

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simon a burrowes

simon a burrowes

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