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Artist Statement/Bio: KUMRO KUMRO

Wide variety of works,including Stilllifes,Panoramas,Portraits. "Art is not a handicraft,it is the transmission of feelings the artist has experiences" Leo Tolstoy

KUMRO (KAREN GEVORKYAN) was born in Yerevan (Armenia) in 1961.As a small child, Kumro,was always fascinated and interested in drawing,an interest which was perhaps influenced from his cultured ancestors with his talent inherited from his father,Grigor Gevorkyan,
who has been a prominent sculptor and artist for the past fifty five years,and his mother Zvart Galstyan.
When Kumro was four years of age his first artistic work was published in a childrens magazine.While attending a four year program at Yerevan Republic Art School,his instructors overwhelmed at his talent decided to stage an exhibition of his works.This resulted in two exhibitions consisting of a wide variety of works,includeing self-portraits, still life,panoramas,interior decorating and portraits.Upon completion of the exhibition,in appreciation of his artistic talents,the young boy was awarded an artistic achievement award presented to him from the schools prestiges instructors.This appreciation gives an insight to the incredible creative output of this young artist who had accumulated an outstanding number of works that totaled 180 pieces before his 18th birthday.Unfortunetly these works can not be shared with the American public,they have remained within Armenia in the hands of art collectors and art colleges.
Kumro arrived in New York in 1979 and since that time he has continued on many new artistic projects. Kumro’s first private exhibition opened in April of 1981 in New York,followed by in February 1983, March of 1983 and June of 1987.His works earned him first prizes in many group exhibitions.
Kumro’s works were shown in March 1983 at the Museum of Russian Contemporary Art in New Jersey, and have also been displayed in Armenia,Russia,France and Australia.
In his review of Kumro’s exhibition,Vincent Bruno(New York Art Collector) wrote:
“It seems inconceivable that one artist is responsible for giving birth to such a wide range of diversified creations.I applaud the artist…and await most eagerly for his exhibition,which will undoubtedly win the hearts of art collectors and observers alike.”
The art of Kumro will leave a lasting impression in your memory that will intellectually stimulate the mind and comfort the chamber of your heart.
Since 2003 Kumro residing in Los Angeles and plans another private exhibition towards the end of this year,2005.